Weather Stations

Our latest Module is now available, more responsive, live data visualization and loads of images.

In Partnership with our Clients, AgriBase has developed multiple tools for the modern day decision maker.

For farmers, traders and scientists, managing risk and staying informed is paramount to adapting to ever-changing environments.

Our expertise allow AgriBase to deliver data driven solutions that that can be translated directly to managing securities, minimalizing exposure to benefit both parties.

Agrometeorology reporting on our state of the art data warehouse solution. Readings within a 1% fault tolerance from stations in the field every 5 minutes. Giving AgriBase the ability to measure the effects of weather changes on agricultural crops and livestock.

  • Wind Speed
  • Radiation
  • Rainfall
  • Hail
  • Temperature
  • Wind Direction
  • Soil Temperature
  • panorama

Optimizing the decisions made by agricultural producers

Improve marketing, assist crop production, streamline operations, and create economic models to minimize the impact of our ever changing environment.

Reduce waste and improve targeting.

With a Combination of weather data to create growth models, improve operations and identify weather patterns. Producers used weather data most frequently for timing of irrigation.